Our very first Build-A-Bear is now open in Lubbock! Wander in and let your imagination go wild. The options for creating a bear, a troll or a stuffed pony, dressed and accessorized, are almost endless!

You can find everything at this Build-A-Bear, from the most popular characters in Star Wars, Star Trek and Pokemon, to original creations for a graduation, a baby shower and much more.

Lonestar 99.5 talked to Build-A-Bear team member Flannery, who explained the process.

"If you don't have a huge budget, than we have a bear that you can make for $12," she said, adding: "It's the memories that you're making...you want to make the children feel like they're bringing their bear to life, it's an experience. It's, 'did you have fun when you were building your friend?' We have a slogan...we say, 'Build-A-Bear Workshop, where best friends are made.'"

Whether you go in on your ownor with the kids, Build-A-Bear offers a unique opportunity to let your imagination run wild and bring a bear or one of the many other stuffed animals to life.

You pick the animal and step on the pedal and watch that animal take shape right before your eyes. Then, give it a name, characteristics, a heart and a birth certificate is created.

Check out our very first Build-A-Bear now open at the South Plains Mall. Capture the experience!

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