The dish with Sara Evans is an exclusive new feature which gives the ‘Anywhere’ hitmaker a platform to share her many delicious recipes (remember, she’s a mom and stepmom to 7 kids!) with country music fans. Check back each week in August and early September for a fun new quick-and-easy recipe straight from the singer herself!

From Sara: My dear friend Brenner used to make this salad for me all the time. She’s an amazing cook. She can make anything. She’s very, like, fancy in the food that she cooks. There was a dressing she used from something special called sesame seed vinaigrette. It made the salad. But any sweeter dressing will work, now I use T-lish.

What You’ll Need:

Salad dressing — T-lish dressing or sesame vinaigrette

Feta cheese

Spring mix lettuce

Red pepper

Toasted pecan pieces

Bacon (microwave)

Red onion (optional because Jay hates them)

How to Make the Brenner Salad:

Toss all the ingredients together and enjoy!

Watch Sara Evans Discuss the Story Behind the Brenner Salad

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