The world thrives off negativity. Headlines are often more clickable when there's a level of schadenfreude involved.

In the off-season, if you see a player's name from your favorite team trending on Twitter, you get that sinking feeling in your stomach and think: "What is it this time?" The dominating stories about athletes are decisions that are made in the downtime that get blown up because of who the player is and athletes are held to the public standard.

That's what makes this Brandone Francis story so much sweeter.

Over the weekend at a local restaurant, Brandone Francis, a returning player to the Texas Tech basketball team, was minding his own his own business when a gentleman told him he liked his shoes. Without a second thought, Francis offered his shoes to the man and went home in his socks.

Francis didn't know a camera was on him. He didn't share the event publicly or have any motive more than that of a good deed. He's just a really good dude.

This is the type of man that represents Texas Tech Basketball, and that is a direct correlation to both the type of program that Chris Beard is building and its success. The team is as selfless off the court as they are on it, and that's a special thing.


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