Brad Paisley wrote a song specifically for Texas but you might not have heard this one yet. But maybe you will at his concert in March. Or you can hear it here too.

Back in early November The Daily Show on Comedy Central was doing their week of shows from Austin to cover our Gubernatorial race. While they were in Austin, correspondent Jason Jones did a piece about the hottest issue on the Texas voter's mind. The hottest issue on our minds was, all of them! Because we're Texas and they're not, and we are so big that we have all the issues the rest of the country has and MORE!

This is one of the best, although lesser known, songs about Texas. Of the thousands, this one has a little bit of everything that makes us Texas.

Check out Brad Paisley's "The state Of Texas", and we'll all wait and see if he does it live when he hits town with Lonestar 99.5 in March. (You can skip ahead to the 3 minute mark to get right to the song.)