Famed former NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., along with his wife Amy and their daughter Isla, were aboard a plane that ran off the end of the runway and caught fire at the Elizabethton Municipal Airport in Tennessee on Thursday (Aug. 15). Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt, but those near and dear to the racer were understandably shook up.

One of Earnhardt's good friends, Brad Paisley, rushed to send his support on social media. Wearing a hat sporting Earnhardt's number 88, Paisley passed on the sentiment of "our prayers, and glad you’re out safe, get well," to the family.

Paisley and Earnhardt Jr. have a long history of appreciation for each other, including various crossing of paths on the NASCAR circuit. Paisley even said in a video for NASCAR that he loves "so much about what he is as a person."

NBC Sports reports that Earnhardt's plane went off the runway and caught fire after landing at the Elizabethton Municipal Airport. Dale Jr., Amy and their daughter, Isla, were arriving for the weekend's race at Bristol Motor Speedway. Earnhardt Jr. works as an analyst for NASCAR races.

Earnhardt's father, Dale Earnhardt Sr., famously died in a crash in February 2001.

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