Locally owned and operated and one-of-a-kind, Blazing Steakhouse in Lubbock recently opened their doors. They're firing up mesquite wood for these incredibly special hand-cut and seasoned 1855 steaks.

1855 takes Black Angus to the next level, explained owners Marc Coley and Denver Blanscett. They talked to Lonestar 99.5 and described what makes 1855 Black Angus so special.

West Texas born and raised, the pair said they wanted to create something special just outside of town.

"I'll put our bone-in rib eye against anybody's...anybody's," Blanscett said.

They're also especially proud of their macaroni and cheese, which Blanscett described as "gourmet."

They told me about their inspiration.

"The uniqueness of it...Texas is a steak place, you know, people love steak," Coley said, adding: "We wanted to set ourselves apart with having a unique experience and great food."

This brand new steakhouse is ramping up with limited hours, currently open for dinner Thursday - Saturday nights with the possibility of soon adding Sundays.

They are available for catering and part of the bigger plan is to sell the amazing 1855 steaks direct. They will eventually have a display case, allowing you to pick and choose your steak. They will wrap it and sell it like a butcher shop, direct to you, so you can cook it up over your grill at home.

The decor is simple -- a great family-style dining area with the focus on food quality, especially the 1855 steaks which are the driving force behind this unique restaurant.

Congratulations to Blazing Steakhouse, now open in Lubbock at 3701 N. Frankford Avenue.

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