This story has been getting so much controversial attention in the media lately and Blake and I are wondering if anybody really cares?

This past Monday at President Obama’s second Inaugural Celebration, Beyonce sang The Star Spangled Banner, but is now being grilled by many because it is being reported that she did a little bit of lip syncing….

Here’s my issue with the story. Sure, it’s risky and interesting, but I don’t like that reporters and news stations are taking up PRIME TIME news hours talking about this subject. It’s BEYONCE for crying out loud! She can do whatever she wants!

I’d also like to see anybody grilling her for doing it, get up on that stage and do it better than she did, too. It’s a lot of pressure and it was for a pretty big event….honoring THE PRESIDENT! ….of THE UNITED STATES! It almost feels as if folks are only talking about it so they can get/be mad about something and I don’t know why. It’s not like all of America paid for a concert ticket to watch her lip sync. You know what I mean?

But none of that is neither here nor there. What we’re curious about is are you guys as sick of hearing about it as we are? Do you care that Beyonce decided to lip sync at the Inaugural celebration?

Share your thoughts or comments with us below!