One thing fans can always count on from Billy Currington songs is a smile. It could be a knowing smile, the kind that passes over one's lips while listening to "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right." Or it could be a smile that leads into laughter, as happens with "Good Directions," "Bad Day of Fishin'" and, more poignantly, "People Are Crazy."

The singer's top songs are a feel-good playlist -- with one exception. "Walk a Little Straighter" still feels like a kick to the gut more than a decade after Currington released it as his first single. Check out or list of the hitmaker's best.

  • 10

    "Hey Girl"

    From 'We Are Tonight' (2013)

    Currington kept the easy vibes going with the lead single from his fifth studio album. "Hey Girl" is an easy song to understand. A guy sees a girl he likes and passes on the cheesy pickup lines, instead choosing a sincere "Hey girl, what's your name, girl?" It worked to become a chart-topping No. 1 hit.

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    "Bad Day of Fishin'"

    From 'Enjoy Yourself' (2010)

    Nope, "Bad Day of Fishin'" wasn't a single, but it is one of the best country fishing songs of all time -- No. 6 on our list, in fact. Currington sings the song like a man who knows what he's talking about. With a house on the water, he understands that sometimes going fishing has nothing to do with catching fish. This acoustic number from 'Enjoy Yourself' is an under-appreciated moment from his library.

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    "Love Done Gone"

    From 'Enjoy Yourself' (2010)

    There are some catchy songs on this Top 10 Billy Currington Songs list, but "Love Done Gone" might be the most contagious. This hit from 2011 begins with a "Ba-ba-da" chorus that repeats itself throughout the nearly four-minute cut. His voice sounds as smooth as ever as he smiles through this end of love, uptempo track.

  • 7

    "That's How Country Boys Roll"

    From 'Little Bit of Everything' (2008)

    The final single from Currington's "Little Bit of Everything" album is drenched in electric guitars. The singer describes how country boys let loose on the weekends after putting in 40 Monday through Friday. The No. 1 single came during his most commercially successful period to date.

  • 6

    "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer"

    From 'Enjoy Yourself' (2010)

    This No. 1 hit from 2010 is one many country boys quickly identified with. It's the ultimate take-a-load-off party jam to play heading into a weekend. When the world has left you bent over, remember there is one talent that's never more than a fridge away. "Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer" went gold for 500K copies sold.

  • 5

    "Let Me Down Easy"

    From 'Enjoy Yourself' (2010)

    Before Billy Currington released "Let Me Down Easy" late in 2010, it felt like it'd been an eternity since he'd chosen a romantic love song as a single. Fans responded quickly, chasing the track to No. 1 while giving Currington another Gold record. This single is every bit as sensual (but maybe not as sexual) as his best love ballad, which comes further up this list.

  • 4

    "Walk a Little Straighter"

    From 'Billy Currington' (2003)

    Currington has only released one absolute tearjerker to date. His debut single from 2003 put him on the map as a star with great emotional depth. He hasn't repeated the effort, instead finding great success with more fun-loving tracks like "Good Directions." This story of a boy trying to get through to his alcoholic father became a Top 10 hit and kicked off a wonderful career.

  • 3

    "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right"

    From 'Doin' Somethin' Right' (2005)

    For a third single, Currington released an absolute sheet-burner. "Must Be Doin' Somethin' Right" is better described as patient instead of slow. His smooth, R&B-inspired vocals tell a very enticing story. He lingers on certain words, letting his message soak in slowly. It wasn't a shock when the track became his first No. 1 hit and a Platinum single.

  • 2

    "Good Directions"

    From 'Doin' Somethin' Right' (2005)

    Currington already had a huge hit single in his catalog upon releasing "Good Directions" in 2006, but he took his career to a new level with this chart-topper. It's one of the finest songs of the decade, with each lyric snapping together like Legos to build a complete and clever story. The songwriters deserve as much credit as the singer for making this Currington's second Platinum single. It's still his signature song.

  • 1

    "People Are Crazy"

    From 'Little Bit of Everything' (2008)

    Multiple Grammy and CMA nominations are what pushes "People Are Crazy" past 'Good Directions' for No. 1 on this list of Billy Currington's best songs. The story leaves a listener with a life lesson, and an effective music video rounds out any details not obvious in the singer's telling. Like the No. 2 song on this list, "People Are Crazy" also reached No. 1 and went Platinum.

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