Billy Currington's latest hit is a song all about seeing someone you can't take your eyes off of, and then doing everything in your power to get their attention. In Currington's 'Hey Girl' video, he illustrates the lyrics perfectly as he follows a dark-haired beauty through every other frame.

The clip cycles back and forth between Currington and his band singing 'Hey Girl,' and a storyline of the country crooner following a girl through a crowd.

This dynamic of the song's narrator noticing a girl and then refusing to let her get away is a big theme in 'Hey Girl.' "Hey girl, what's your name girl / I've been lookin' at you / And every guy here's doin' the same girl / It'd be a shame girl / If I let you just walk on by," Currington sings in the first verse.

Just like the song goes, Currington spends the next several shots of the four-minute video following the beautiful girl through the party. After a very short conversation -- just the words "Hey, girl" -- Currington stops the leading lady from leaving and manages to get her to dance.

As far as country music videos go, this one is pretty simple. It's all music and a short storyline that follows along with the song perfectly. Since the 'Hey Girl' lyrics tell such a good story and the melody is one of those earworms that get stuck in your head all day long, Currington didn't need a complicated plot line to make this video interesting.