The Big 12 was in flux for most of the spring after a bit of a bombshell was dropped that long-time commissioner and corporate stooge Bob Bowlsby was stepping down from his seat. After that news, Texas Tech President and Big 12 Chair Dr. Lawrence Schovanec went to work with fellow Big 12 leaders to find a new commissioner.

They cast a net far and wide amongst collegiate athletics and found no one who fit what they wanted, so they cast a net even wider and found former NASCAR exec, former Barclays Center CEO, and current Roc Nation exec Bret Yormark to lead the troops.

Yormark was announced about a month before he actually officially took the job, but has been working in the Big 12 offices since August 1st. He's also been traveling around to all the Big 12 cities to meet with the leadership group on every campus.

Now, Yormark seems like a stylish guy, but after so many years in New York and on the East Coast, the man needed a pair of cowboy boots to fit into Texas culture. So Texas Tech hooked him up.

Yormark's plane landed in Lubbock and Texas Tech Athletic Director Kirby Hocutt took him straight to the boot store.

Yormark also had the opportunity to tour the facilities on campus. Here he is touring the football facility and getting to know the Red Raiders' fearless football leader Joey McGuire. He also walked the Womble Basketball facility, which is among the best in the country.

As much as I'm sure Yormark enjoyed his time in Lubbock, this wasn't his first Big 12 City to visit. He's been to Ames, Iowa.

He's been to Manhattan, Kansas.

He's even been to Fort Worth, Texas.

We welcome Commissioner Yormark to the Big 12 and hope he had a great time visiting Texas Tech and our fine City of Lubbock.

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