On Monday, Ford Motor Credit filed an updated court record saying that Bart Reagor owes over $46 million plus $7000 in interest every day.

The interest would start after a federal judge signs the final judgement.

KAMC News reports that Rick Dykes agreed back in April to settle out of court with Ford for almost $59 million.

Before Reagor-Dykes filed for bankruptcy, they were accused of default and fraud by Ford. Reagor-Dykes has been accused of manipulating sales records to make it look like Ford was not owed money. Local businesses also accused Reagor-Dykes of committing check kiting.

Both Bart Reagor and Rick Dykes signed a personal guaranty with Ford before the bankruptcy saying they would pay debts with Ford if the business could not pay them back.

Bart Reagor has 14 days to respond to the amount of money Ford listen in court records.

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