Have you ever wanted to try hot pots? Lubbock doesn't have a restaurant dedicated to it...until now.

As a foodie, I love trying new things and new ways to eat food. One of those things I have never done is hot pots.

Hot pot is a cooking method that originated in China. There is a heat source on the table that helps keeps a pot of soup stock simmering. Then you take a variety of Chinese foodstuffs and ingredients are served beside the pot for the diners to put into the hot stock. Cool Right?


So this is a great way to eat yummy food but a different experience Lubbock doesn't really have.

The new spot coming to the old Furr's location is called KPOT. This restaurant is known for specializing in Korean BBQ and hot pot at an affordable price. They started back in 2018 and have around 13 locations nationally with a lot more coming in 2022, including Lubbock.

"What makes KPOT unique is that we offer a full bar at most locations, with an upbeat, nightlife-like atmosphere," said the project manager for KPOT.


While at this time there is not set timeframe for when the location will open here in Lubbock, they are ready to get the ball rolling.

According to their website, KPOT is leading a cultural dining revolution! Born from four friends from different backgrounds who blended their cuisines over a shared table, KPOT is a unique, hands-on, all-you-can-eat experience that merges traditional Asian hot pot with Korean BBQ flavors.

This would be such a fun way to spice up your regular meals and do something different. It makes food adventurous.

"It’s about tasting the global spices and seasonings all while feeling a sense of community," says their website.

They can take on parties as small as two or as big as a celebration with 20 people. Their location will be at 6001 Slide Rd Lubbock, TX 79414.

You can find out more about it on their website.

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