Seven big changes happened with Texas Roadhouse in 2024 and one thing people are worried about is the rolls.

The rolls have been a staple since Texas Roadhouse opened. I think some people go just for that and the butter you get.

Texas Roadhouse rolls are made with an enriched dough, which means that the dough has eggs, milk, butter, and sugar (or, in this case, honey) in it.

Do not worry with all the changes happening to Texas Roadhouse, rolls will remain free to customers.

Texas Roadhouse only offers unlimited free rolls to customers who are ordering meals.

Texas Roadhouse Roll Hack:

Did you know that you can order frozen Texas Roadhouse rolls for Thanksgiving?? That's right you can pick up frozen rolls at your local Texas Roadhouse to take home with you. All you have to do is let them thaw and pop them in the oven for five minutes. It even comes with the cinnamon butter.

You can buy a dozen rolls for $5 and they come in a white box with the Texas Roadhouse logo on it and a generous side portion of the sweet butter.

Another said at their local Texas Roadhouse they sell “1/2 dozen for $2.70 and 1 dozen for $5.40! they already come with the butter you don’t have to order extra unless you want too!”

Changes Coming To Texas Roadhouse:

1. Texas Roadhouse raising prices by 2.2%

2. 30 new Texas Roadhouse locations opening

3. Texas Roadhouse's sister restaurant Jaggers is expanding

4. Texas Roadhouse restaurants to be 10% bigger

5. Texas Roadhouse introduces digital kitchens

6. Promotion of Texas Roadhouse mobile app

7. New Texas Roadhouse merch

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