Do you watch "The Walking Dead" and think you could be a better zombie killing machine? Do you need to work out some aggression on the undead? Coming soon to Plano, Texas (September 8th & 9th), you'll have the chance to prove yourself:

Apocalypse World Tour (AWT) is a tactical, live action, video game like zombie shooting experience. You and your team will use infrared military training replicas to clear apocalyptic and infested areas where the undead have invaded.   The zombies will be wearing cutting – edge head shot targets that will flash to indicate a hit. Beware! Some zombies may need to be hit more than once to be taken down!

Basically, it's laser tag with high production values. And instead of fighting humans, you'll be trying to get a headshot on, umm, former humans.

The zombie hunting experience comes with real military training weapons -- the same weight and style of a M4 with 1/3 the recoil and a muzzle flash. Fun! I couldn't find an exact ticket price for this particular event, but it appears to run about $45-$75 depending on the amount of "ammo" you want.

Laser tag not your thing, but you'd still love to experience live action horror? Lubbock's own Nightmare On 19th Street has you covered starting the last weekend in September through much of October -- and you won't have to travel and the tickets are much less expensive.

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