Urban Dessert Works

Amazing Urban Dessert Works serves up dessert decadence at this brand new Lubbock store at 82nd and Slide Road.

I've been wanting to go enjoy this dessert spot and am so glad I made it there today! I was able to catch up with the owner Carson McCabe who shared that they've now been open for three months.

The awesome dessert I decided on was what he called Chicago Choco because he said it is, "as chocolate as it gets... people don't realize that Red Velvet is actually chocolate." he explained. I got 2 scoops of smooth creamy...platinum brand chocolate ice cream, and then on top of that, a scoop of their home made chocolate mousse and red velvet chocolate mousse, miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips sprinkled on top and garnished with Hershey's chocolate syrup. Yumm!!

Looking over their menu for other top choices I have to ask how The Lubbockite got it's name?  McCabe described for me the 'fun story' that decided it's recipe. "We named it the Lubbockite because at the Pie Bar the two most favorite fillings are the Birthday Cake and the Oreo which we call the cookies and cream...so we decided to just combine the two most popular and call it the Lubbockite" he explained.

McCabe is the owner of both Urban Dessert Works and the Chocolate Mousse Pie Bar at 66th and Milwaukee. If it's decadent ice cream creations your after this is your place- it was absolutely a melt in your mouth taste bud extravaganza!

We wish Urban Dessert Works the very best on their new venture!


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