I lost my phone out in the parking lot at Slim Chickens and I was able to recover it thanks to good people!

As the Luke Bryan song says,and I agree, 'most people are good'! It's a testament to good people that someone found my phone laying out there and turned it in!

Here's what happened. .. I was rushing around with my cell phone in my back pocket, it was getting late, and I was hungry so I dashed in to pick up some food. As I got back in my car, it must've been the wind that pushed the door shut -right on my bag of food, and somehow as I reached to rescue it there went my phone!

So there I am cruising on empty trying to get home, when I realized I really needed to stop for gas, and that's when the wave of panic hit! Where was my phone?

When an immediate search of the area did not turn it up, I was naturally panicked! I had a funny feeling it may have fallen out there at Slim Chickens but decided I better check here at the radio station first. Sure enough my mad dash did not turn up the phone at the station and now about 30 minutes had passed!

So I headed back to Slim Chickens (where the chicken is sooo good!)! I pulled up in the parking lot,with hope against hope and a million prayers! I pulled into the same spot, looked under the cars and then went inside thinking, what are the chances?

It was such an amazing relief to find that they had my phone! A good Samaritan had found it and turned it in! It was in perfect condition, incredibly, it had managed not to get run over!

A million thanks going out to the good Samaritan who turned it in and the great folks at Slim Chickens!

Don't let your faith in humanity be ruined by the unfortunate few. As Luke Bryan's song, Most People Are Good says:

I believe if you just go by the nightly news
Your faith in all mankind would be the first thing you lose....

...I believe this world ain't half as bad as it looks
I believe most people are good

Keep smiling and keep the faith! Good things are happening in this world, in Lubbock Texas and at Slim Chickens!


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