"Affluenza" teen Ethan Couch was arrested in Mexico with his mother and was fighting deportation until recently when his attorneys finally gave in.

Couch arrived Thursday morning (Jan. 28) at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. He can be seen in the video above walking through the airport with law enforcement agents.

ABC 13 reports he will be held in a juvenile detention center here in Texas and a juvenile judge will hold a hearing to decide whether to continue to hold him there or book him into an adult jail or even possibly let him go.

Couch made headlines back in 2013 after his "affluenza" defense in a fatal drunken-driving wreck that killed four people succeeded in court. He was granted probation rather than jail time for the crime.

Another hearing is scheduled for Feb. 19 to determine whether Couch's case is transferable to the adult system. If it's transferred and Couch violates his probation again, he could face up to 10 years in prison per death.

Authorities believe Couch and his mother Tonya Couch fled the country after a video posted online showed him at a party where alcohol was being served. This would be in violation of his probation.

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