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The Abilene Zoo is preparing to announce its full "Abilene Zoo Master Plan" for expanding the Abilene Zoo over the next ten years. The announcement will happen at the Zoobilation Gala fundraiser on April 30th.

The City of Abilene's Parks and Recreation Board approved the Abilene Zoo Master Plan. However, the complete details will reveal what is going where and what major and new exhibits we can expect over the next decade.

Studying the map below proves the 26 acres on the backside of the zoo's current location will be used by the zoo's expansion project. Doubling the size of the current Zoo we've all come to love and support.

<p style="text-align: center;">Expansion Details Will Be Shared With Zoobilation Gala Attendees</p><p> </p>

By the way, the press release reads we can expect not only a bigger Abilene Zoo but also NEW animals added to the Abilene Zoo's exhibit. I'm sure we will learn more at the Zoobilation Gala.

There will be plenty of room for all new species. There will be added attractions and updates. I zoomed in on the map below and noticed the red "mini-train tracks" covering the new expansion area.

Photo by: Abilene Zoo
Photo by: Abilene Zoo

I'm hoping that the new expansion at the Abilene Zoo will include maybe some bears, lions, elephants, hippos, or rhinos. I'm just super excited that our Abilene Zoo is growing and that each and every one of us can help the growth process.

Abilene Zoo Director Jesse Pottebaum said “the Zoobilation is such an important event for our Zoo and its growth, and this year we will be announcing something we have been working on for more than 6 months. A plan that will add species, habitats, attractions, and an entirely new way to experience the Abilene Zoo.”

Some sponsor tables and single tickets are available here. Abilene Zoo reach its long-term goals. Contact the Abilene Zoo for more information.

  • Gold Tables are $10,000 and include two Zoobilation tables and VIP animal encounters
  • Silver Tables are $5,000 and include one Zoobilation table and a behind-the-scenes guest tour
  • Bronze Tables are $2,500 and include one Zoobilation table and a social media shout-out
  • Party Tables are $1,250 and include one Zoobilation table and eight Zoo Fun Packs
  • A Zoo Friend ticket is $500 and includes two Zoobilation tickets and four Zoo Fun Packs
  • Individual tickets are $150
    For tables, tickets and more details visit us online at

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