This ghost story is both unique and well documented. You've no doubt heard of ghosts, but have you ever heard of ghost cows? Numerous reports in Brownsville, Texas agree about these incredibly eerie ghost cow stories. 

I have never before heard of ghost cows, and a quick Google search for ghost animals has many spooky stories to share. But why the ghostly cow inhabitants on this particular road in Texas have been seen so often is as yet unexplained.

Several reports and many accidents have taken place on the dark lonely stretches of Farm Road 511 in Brownsville, Texas, caused by these ghostly sightings. This has become a local legend, according to True Horror Stories of Texas.

In daylight, Farmroad 511 is a fairly busy, seemingly normal road. But many fear the late night encounters reported here. It's only at night when these ghost cows have been seen.

The sudden appearance of a cow standing right in the middle of the road has caused many vehicles to swerve and crash. When investigated, no sign of life was to be found.

Stories like this may cause you to think twice about traveling desolate roads in the dark of night -- especially in Brownsville, Texas. Beware, and stay alert.


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