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The Lubbock Police Department has announced the creation of a designated 'Safe Exchange Zone' in front of their HQ at 916 Texas Avenue, according to their Facebook page.

Four parking spots have been clearly designated for us and will be well-lit and closely monitored. This public space is here for all of us to utilize. With so many online marketplaces out there, keeping safety in mind for the transaction has always been a concern.

So if you've ever bought something online and were worried about how to safely make that purchase or that sale here's a viable solution. This is also a safe place to make child custody arrangements. This is a terrific idea and gives all of us somewhere safe to exchange those items that we buy or sell.

Here's what the Lubbock Police Department shared on their Facebook page:

The Lubbock Police Community Engagement Unit has dedicated four parking spots outside the police department as Safe Exchange Zones.The Safe Exchange Zones are well-lit and under 24-hour surveillance, giving the public a safe place to purchase or exchange property and to assist citizens with child custody arrangements.
The dedicated spots are marked with signs and blue paint, located at 10th Street and Texas Avenue.
If you are unable to use the Safe Exchange Zone, please remember to keep these safety tips in mind.
• Use a public parking lot that is well-lit and under surveillance
• Always bring a friend or family member with you
• Avoid meeting at your home
• Avoid nighttime transactions

So stay safe and utilize this new Safe Exchange Zone. You can follow this link to their Facebook page for more details.

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