Take a historic trip to McLean Tx. It's just outside Amarillo on what was the famous Route 66 and is now I-40.

Not only will you find a great vintage historic gas station, the original Phillips 66, but a town with great history and the folks who remember when.

You may not think a museum with just about every type of barbed wire fence in history would be interesting, but rename it Devil's Rope Museum, pair it with the Route 66 Museum and feature some other pieces of Texas history and this is a visit worth taking in.

The famous Route 66 was responsible for the boom and the bust in McLean, Delbert Trew, local historian shares in this video 'Once Upon A Town.'

The land for the town site was donated in 1901 by English rancher Alfred Rowe who later was aboard the Titanic when it perished.

There is a lot of great history to explore here in the panhandle. With better weather on the way why not take a little road trip?



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