It's the time of year when we need to clean house and come to terms with all the things accumulated over the holiday season. I've been doing my share cleaning up and clearing out with the New Year and found myself inspired to watch a documentary on Netflix about Minimalism, which reminded me of all the Tiny House shows on television lately.

As it turns out, Lubbock is only a few (about 75) miles from the Tiny House Capital of America! Spur Texas, who made headlines a couple of years ago when they welcomed Tiny House dwellers to the community in hopes of reviving the economy. This old west town has gotten a lot of Tiny House press in the last two years!

Here in Lubbock, it was just this past summer, tiny houses have been built to give shelter to some of the homeless in Ransom Canyon.

It's exciting to see people thinking small in a big way!

I found that the Minimalist approach appeals to folks for many reasons. The core reason as explained in the Minimalism documentary, is about values, and centering your life on what matters to you most, by letting go of meaningless stuff!

I think the idea is exciting and has some real merit. Especially in January after we have been inundated! I have to say, I've done my share of living in small places, when I did not appreciate being cramped. But if you go into it with a plan and a strategy, maybe it would be a real game changer?! (This You Tube video has just that! Not all tiny houses are the same! ) I am going to continue to investigate and keep you posted.

I think that ideally, if you have some land to go with the tiny house and you have your horses and your garden and all that you're doing outside... you cook outside more, maybe an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, and you can live outside more... the money a Tiny House saves on home building can go a long way with all the rest of what you really want to include in your life. It's food for thought.

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