Children being left in hot cars is a common event in the summer. This stinks and should never happen. But it does, even with repeated warnings as to why you shouldn’t do it.

Thursday morning (August 3), Lubbock police, fire and EMS were called to Loop 289 and University for a report of a child left in a car. Officials feel the child had been left alone in the car for around 40 minutes with the window open about an inch.

But this is where the story shows off those top-notch parenting skills.

The mother was busy donating plasma, and according to Everything Lubbock. "An assistant manager at the plasma donation center was the one to alert the woman that the child was in the car. Witnesses said the woman explained that the girl was fine."

Police have not stated if they are going to file charges against the mother.

Granted, it was only 77 degrees, but really?

Not a year goes by that we don’t hear about a tragedy involving a kid in a hot car. So why would you do this and then act like it isn’t a big deal?

I don’t get people sometimes.

UPDATE: Lubbock Police have filed charges against Jacklyn Robledo for abandoning or endangering a child. Child Protective Services took custody of the child. 

Here is the mother:

Credit: Lubbock County Sherrif
Credit: Lubbock County Sherrif

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