This is the most expensive Airbnb that you can rent in Lubbock.

Whenever I'm considering a place to stay on a trip, I typically like to go with an Airbnb or Vrbo. They're typically less expensive than a hotel, and I like having my own kitchen to cook meals and not spend so much money out. You can get some sweet deals that sleep a few people for under $100.

I never realized that there's a market for ‘barn-houses’ that will cost you nearly $1,000 to rent per night. I found the most expensive Airbnb in Lubbock: $930 for a home with four bedrooms, eight beds, and three and a half bathrooms. The listing says that they accept up to 16 guests at a time.

Although there is only enough bed space to sleep 13 people, they provide air mattresses and have plenty of couch space for three more people. One of the bedrooms even seems to be converted into a movie theatre which seems pretty fun.

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The barn-house has a missive 'man cave' with a couch, TV, and basketball hoop set up. There is an indoor pool and playset for and kiddos. The house is also on over 10 acres of land, so it would be great for any outdoor activities.

The massive home seems to be best for large groups is best for large groups. I think the best way to go about renting a place like this is to have at least 10 people stay so you can keep the cost under $100 per person. I'm very curious to know who typically rents this house. Are they large families, groups of friends or maybe people looking for a place to host an event?

The Most Expensive Airbnb for Rent in Lubbock, Texas

This is the most expensive Airbnb for rent in Lubbock, Texas. It will run you nearly $1,000 per night for up to 16 guests. It's a 4-bedroom, 3.5 bath barn-house with an indoor pool.

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