The Cleveland Browns and former Texas A&M Quarterback could lead to punishment from the NFL for violating league rules.

The incident occurred in Avon, Ohio after his girlfriend claimed he was physical with her after the two had a disagreement while driving on an interstate highway.

According to Fox 4's report, Manziel was not arrested, and his girlfriend Colleen Crowley did not press charges. However, on the dash-cam video released Monday, you can hear Crowley tell police that Manziel "hit me a couple times" and "I'm in fear for my life."

The report says that Cleveland Browns coach Mike Pettine said the league plans to investigate the domestic dispute.

The couple said they had been drinking earlier in the day. The police report reveals that an officer had determined Manziel was not intoxicated and had consumed two drinks hours earlier.

The report did say that Crowley was intoxicated and made inconsistent statements about the incident. A witness says that Manziel was driving and a high speed on the shoulder land of the road and cut across several lanes to an exit.

Manziel spent 70 days in a Pennsylvania rehab center after his rookie season. It is possible he may have violated league rules and he could face additional fines or suspensions.


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