With an incredible lineup of craft beers in store for us tomorrow at the Second Annual Hub City On Tap, you might be wondering just what to look for in a beer and what sets unique beers apart?

It's a big day of tasting some incredible beers and a quick visit to the Market Street Craft Beer Club website brings us to an extensive list of craft beers, an inspiring description of each and great ideas for pairing each type craft beer with your favorite foods!

One thing that sets craft beer apart according to their site is the distinctive flavors of each! Wonderful descriptions that refer to some of our favorite flavors like caramel, coffee and chocolate lends inspiration to tomorrows sampling adventure!

1. Characteristics: You can look for characteristics like sweeter, hoppier, grainy and dry, and so much more!

2. Pairing: There's beer that pairs with Mexican food, ball park food, sushi and more!

3. What's in you beer? According to homebrewacademy.com key ingredients include quality water, barley, malt, hops and yeast. The balance of these makes all the difference in the way your beer tastes.

4. According to the Market Street Craft Beer list there are two distinct types or families of beers, ales and lagers. Distinguished by the type of yeast and temperature of fermentation. according to Build Your Beer Knowledge.com. Within each family there are further distinctions to note!

5. Other distinguishing features are color (very pale to jet black), bitterness ranking (low to high) and alcohol content (could range from 2.8% to 7.5%).

The Second Annual Hub City on Tap is tomorrow August 26th at Fair Park Coliseum offering hundreds of craft beers to sample from, and is sponsored by the Market Street Craft Beer Club.


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