As summer approaches, many families chose to spent a lot of time at the pool. So why not purchase a home that has a pool so you can always enjoy the water in the comfort of your own backyard?

It’s rare to find a home in Lubbock with a pool, so I compiled five houses that are currently for sale in Lubbock that have pools. These houses have a range of sizes, prices, and other factors that make each of them unique. One of the homes even has an indoor pool.

Take a look at the homes and, most importantly, the pools, to see if one of these listings pique your interest.

5 Lubbock Homes with Pools That are For Sale

These are five Lubbock homes that have pool and are for sale in Lubbock.

The Oldest Home for Sale in Lubbock

This is the oldest home currently for sale in Lubbock as of April 21st, 2022. With the large lot, pool, and unfinished addition being built on this home, it's currently listed at $523,850.

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