Laura Vikmanis, the oldest cheerleader in NFL history is headed to the Big Screen.

AOL News reports that New Line was inspired by Vikmanis story and will be making it into a movie!


Vikmanis, at age 39, first tried out for the Cincinnati Bengels Ben-Gals, after her husband left her. Vikmanis made it to the finals but did not end up making the squad. The trainer, registered dietitian and mother of two teenage daughters spent the next year improving herself and landed a spot in the 2009 Ben-Gals squad. Vikmanis has now been on the squad for three years and says it has made her a better mother.

Vikmanis proves you can reinvent yourself at any age, even in a sea of 20 somethings.

Can't wait till this movie comes out. Hopefully they do not hire a 20 something to play her. However, It will be interesting to see if  this open the eyes of other NFL Cheerleading organizations as well.


Make sure you watch your own Texas Tech Pom Squad and Cheerleaders this weekend for the Texas Tech vs. Texas State home opener. Go Tech!


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