It's that fantastic time of the year when our landscape becomes great 'eye candy' as the leaves start to turn. I've been in West Texas long enough to see as it becomes populated with people, so goes the tree population. Central Lubbock, from 34th Street to 50th and between Quaker and University, you can see some huge yellow trees that were once green. The pistachio trees planted in abundance in the late 70s are now a stunning crimson. The oaks, red as well. The plum trees, purple like the fruit and the list of varieties of trees goes on and on. According to this website, the color change phenomenon is caused by the decrease in chlorophyll(which makes the leaves green in the summer), combined with not enough water or light and cool nights. It's a wondrous natural event that makes this such a beautiful time of the year. If you have any great photos e mail them to me,