The Newseum in Washington D.C. is one spot that has something for everyone. It's a collection of history in 14 major galleries and 15 theatres and this week a unique exhibit is going on display. Opening Friday is an exhibit of campaign-related items. called "Every Four Years: Presidential Campaigns and the Press".

Items on display are Tina Fey's red suit, flag pin and glasses, worn for her Sarah Palin bits on "Saturday Night Live" as well as Hillary Clinton's beer mug, President Obama's bowling ball and George W. Bush's cowboy hat. And of course with this being an election year, Newseum officials are on the lookout for even more oddities. Just might see a Rick Santorum sweater vest.

If you've got a trip to D.C. planned, the Newseum is located on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and 6th street. While you're there at the Newseum you can catch a display of--among so many others-- the Berlin Wall, the door from Watergate, the 9/11 memorabilia, Pulitzer prize-winning photos, even the Unabomber's cabin and a wild 4D Time/Travel adventure. It's a plethora of exciting parts of our history. Check out their website for more details.