Unfortunately, this is something you don't see everyday. Way to go strangers!

Meet Patrick Connelly and his mother, Cheryl. Patrick is a big country music fan and one of his favorite things to do is watch country music videos and is a big fan of Blake Shelton.

When Blake made a stop to perform in the Kansas City area, Cheryl took Patrick to go see one of his favorite country stars.

Due to his handicap, Patrick was unable to see Blake from the back where he sat in his wheel-chair.

(Get ready for some goosebumps.) After becoming upset that they had come all that way to see Blake and couldn't because of his disability keeping him in a wheel-chair, two strangers stepped in to help out and save the day!

To this day, Patrick and his mother still have no idea who these gentlemen are. In the video, Cheryl talks about how thankful she is that they were there, not only to pick him up so he could see, but also carry him closer to the front to really get a great view of Blake Shelton performing.

Bravo to you guys, whoever you are!! Check out the video of the story below: