Ever wonder why it is you'll see your favorite DJ working with another station? Or why you can call a mention something about another station's event and we know exactly what you're talking about even though it's not our station's event? It's called SISTER STATIONS and they ROCK! Get it all explained inside!

My job kicks bootay! Everyday I get to hang out with you lovely folk and Blake and play great music. Sometimes people ask me, though, why I know so much about what's going

on on other stations that aren't even the same genre! More specifically, I was recently asked why I'm in an FMX sweatshirt on the FMX website when I work for BlakeFM. The answer is easy and may enlighten folks a bit. So read on and I'll explain!

SO! Townsquare Media is this awesome company that we here at 99.5 BlakeFM get to work for. It's a huge company, but here in Lubbock, TX- our station is not the only one that is a part of Townsquare.

Blake has a couple of sister stations and we are even housed in the same building over here on 82nd and Quaker. Our sister 'FM' stations include 94.5 FMX, 98.1 KoolFM, & 102.5 KissFM and our sister 'AM' stations include 1340 The Fan and KFYO Newstalk Radio.

We all work together and take inspiration from each other. It really is a just a big team to be apart of and the members, even the sales staff, are awesome up here. I can't imagine being anywhere else! When one of us needs help, LOOK OUT! because the rest of us are comin' to the rescue!

So anytime you see me out at an event and a crazy guy in an FMX shirt is with me, don't worry! That's just another awesome Townsquare team member supporting the event :)

Hope this enlightened you ! Anymore questions? Reach out to me via email: AlyssaRodriguez@townsquaremedia.com We'll chat it out!