TANF, or Welfare, may be getting a new stipulation in order for it's recipients to receive benefits. Texas Senate passed a bill to require applicants to pass a drug test to receive state assistance.

Well it's about time!

It's long been known to everyone that Welfare, or TANF, helps many families in need, but there are also many who take advantage of it. It's been talked about it and debated and now is finally on the bill to become a real thing- Applicants for TANF could now be required to pass a drug test in order to receive state assistance.

I say COULD because while the state passed on this bill today (04April2013), it is now being sent on to The House for consideration.

What do you think? Would you support this bill?

ACLU member, Terri Burke, is one of the opposing side disappointed by the passing of this bill. She believes it clearly singles out poor Texans. I, personally, think that is an obvious correlation. Poor Texans are the ones applying for assistance, therefore will be the ones tested to receive the benefits.

It's going to be an interesting thing to watch develop. Where do you stand?