Friday March 2, is Texas Independence day. 176 years ago our Texas forefathers wrote and declared literally overnight, the Texas Declaration of Independence. Prepared while the Alamo in San Antonio was under siege by Santa Anna's army of Mexico. Take a minute today and read the Texas Declaration of Independence. For most, it may the very first time you've read it. Texas is big, really big, big enough to be its own country. We are proud to be Texans. When someone say's they are from Virginia, they don't get the same "look" as they would being from the state of Texas. Take a moment today and be proud to be a Texan. To help celebrate, give us your favorite "TEXAS" song, and we'll play it for you on Friday. Could be a song about Texas, or a song by a Texas band. Either way, give us your choice's and celebrate the LONE STAR STATE!