This sassy lass is no long-haired pooch from the movies. Oh no! She's a tiny Chihuahua with TONS of personality and loves to love!

Blake & Morris' Next Mission: Finding a Good Home for Dionne!

Dionne is a very tiny little female Chihuahua. She has short tan fur with touch of black on lower muzzle/ white milk chin/white on throat and chest/ natural tail/ tall perky ears.
She loves to play with toys, very socialized and plays well when introduced to other dogs. She loves attention and loves to cuddle. She plays well with other dogs her size. Loves to be in your lap and take naps. DOB 2-14-13
See Dionne at the Safe House seven days a week 9 to 4:30.”

If this pup needs to come home with you RIGHT NOW then pick up the phone!

To adopt, call: (806) 239-0156

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