Maybe he's no doctor, but this littler Terrier mix is smart all on his own and some pretty sweet dance moves to show off!

Blake & Morris' Next Mission: Finding a Good Home for Watson!

Watson is a friendly sweet little scruffy Terrier with white and tan-gold fur. He has a white blaze on his face with tan ears and eyes; body is white and tan; white chest; natural tail; and Terrier ears. He was afraid of hands but now has learned that hands don’t always hurt or hit; but rather love and pet. He can dance on his back legs. He has learned that toys can be fun. DOB given 6-8-12 See Watson seven days a week at the Safe House 9 to 4:30.”

If this pup needs to come home with you RIGHT NOW then pick up the phone!

To adopt, call: (806) 239-0156

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