Top 9 at 9

Here Comes Santa Claus On The Top 9 At 9 [VIDEO]
Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. It the Christmas season when we all are out shopping for Christmas gifts, decorating the home, putting up the Christmas tree and listening to Christmas carols. If you have kids, they're excited because they know that Santa is on his way.
Sad Songs On The Top 9 At 9 [VIDEO]
If there is one thing about country music, there is sure to be a song that will make you shed a tear and drown your sorrows. They could be songs about a lost love, a break-up or one about soldiers away from home.
A Holly Jolly Christmas On The Top 9 At 9 [VIDEO]
Like the song says, "it's the most wonderful time of the year". It's the Christmas season and everyone is out doing their Christmas shopping and going to parties at work or at their friends house. Plus there is a lot of Christmas music on the radio.

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