Pet adoption

Nox Is The Adoption of the Day
Our featured adoption animal today is Nox.  Nox is a small brownish-orange with just a touch of white male terrier/poodle mix that came to us from the streets of Lubbock.  He went unclaimed and made his way into the Adoption program. He would look wonderful after a trip to the groomer and would make…
Another Great Looking Dog, Lost
Our lost animal of the day is a looker.  She is estimated to be part dachshund and maybe part pitbull.  Whatever she is, she is a good looking dog.  She has recently been to the veterinarian, and has the spay scar complete with stitches to prove it.  She was not wearing tags or a microchip.  If she …
Caleb Can Be Your Lassie
Today we are hoping to find Caleb a home.  He is a tri-colored Shetland Sheepdog or Sheltie as they are sometimes called.  Me is the "Mini-Me" of the Lassie world.  Caleb is mostly black with white and some brown in his long haired coat.  He will shed with this long hair and will require g…
Hemmi Answers the Meerkat Call
Hemmi the Six-Toed kitten stands ready to answer the Whiskers family Defcon 4 alert that some small animal eating Bird is circling the area. Now if he could only make that first step. More after the jump.
Lost and Needs a Little Help
This diluted grey and orange tortoiseshell female's owners seem to be lost.  She has come to us seeking help finding them. She is declawed on the front so she is more than likely an indoor kitty.  More after the jump.
Gizmo is Ready for the Trip Home
Gizmo is our Adoption cat for the day.  He is a big black and white neutered male that loves to lounge around the house.  He would make a excellent partner for any couch potatoes out there.  More after the jump.
Hey, Can You Spare A Head Pat
Our lost animal of the day is this friendly male grey and white cat came who was wandering the bad streets of Lubbock looking for his next meal until a kind soul brought him to the shelter. This guy was a pet as all he craves is love and affection.  We need to find his owners and return him to his l…
The Happy Boxer Needs a Home
Mickey is our Adoption Dog of the day.  He is a solid white male boxer and has a full supply of energy to burn.  A big back yard would be ideal for this boy.  Due to his energy levels, small children might not be a good idea around him as he might have a tendency to knock them over by…
Lost and Needs to Be Found
Our lost pet of the day is an adult female St. Bernard mix maybe?  It is hard to guess the breed on this girl.  Regardless she was picked up by our officers from the cold on February 3rd on 114th street.  She is mostly white on the body with brown patches on her eyes and some black on her head as we…
Arturo is Lookin’ for a Posse
Our adoption dog today is Arturo.  He is an young adult Old English Sheepdog mix.  We seized him and another dog on a cruelty warrant and the judge awarded custody to us.  He deserves a better home than he had so lets help him find that home.  Arturo is current on shots, and the …
It’s Hard out Here for a Kitten
Hemmi the six-toed cat takes a break under a ray of sun because you know it's hard, hard work maintaining a "rep" around the house.  Hemmi pauses for the household paparazzi to finish taking shots of the hardest working kitten in Lubbock.  More after the jump.

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