The ASPCA has three really unique gifts to offer for your pet this Christmas that just might appeal to you, or maybe that pet owner who's terribly hard to buy for at Christmas. Not your usual fare, these are the types of gifts that "keep on giving'. How about a (1) "Puppy Socialization Class"? You will be sent educational materials on how to make sure your puppy grows into a dog that's relaxed with strangers and can get along with other pets. It's $25.

And (2) they also offer for $60 a "Therapy Cat Kit" which shows how your cat can become a therapy cat, visiting the ill or injured, providing companionship. Finally, ASPCA suggests, for $125 dogs can go through the therapy program through (3) an "Animal Assisted Therapy for Dog or Cat", which trains the animals and handler for therapy-type visits to hospitals, schools and other facilities. These three unusual ways of giving during the holidays are available by going to their website