With the recent marriages of the Royal Couple and Blake and Miranda in the news, one wonders how it all started.  What was the proposal like?  Personally, Randy and I are not known as a really romantic couple, him asking me to marry over the phone.  My morning show partner Rick Gilbert, years ago,  asked his bride-to-be Katie, "You wouldn't want to be married to a guy like me, would you?" Blake Shelton used a  romantic setting when he proposed to Miranda Lambert.  According to People magazine, he proposed last May in the woods near Lambert's Tishomingo, Oklahoma home.  A year later, they're married.   Awww.  According to Answers.com Prince William added intimacy to their public images asking Kate during some private time at an estate in Kenya, Africa where he enjoys some anonymity. But this proposal floating around the internet has to be the best marriage proposal ever.  Check it out.