The future bride and groom have selected Leicestershire, England-based baker Fiona Cairns to take care of the wedding cake. And McVitie's Cake Company has been selected to take care of an additional cake, Chocolate Biscuit Cake to be served at the reception as well. It will be prepared according to a long-held Royal Family recipe. According the Cairns, Ms. Middleton has requested the wedding cake to be a multi-tiered fruit cake decorated with the national flowers of the British Isles: rose, thistle, shamrock and daffodil. The Royal Wedding coming up in two weeks is being labeled by some to be a "circus", street dances and parties planned around it, and even official stamps are being released. It's being called the biggest travel day ever with many people, not even receiving official invitations but just wanting to be in England when it happens. And, it may not matter to you. But, Ms. Cairn's been busy and it's officially a wedding now that a cake has been planned.....and by the way, could you cut me a piece with one of the flowers? I love icing!