I think if I had to get my three dogs to stand still for a photo, it might take me a while, even more time if it's to have a Christmas theme. But this site has some tips. For instance, Santa hats are adorable on pets and they suggest variations of your dog holding the hat in his mouth, or maybe your kitty looking inside an empty hat. Maybe you'd like an "action" shot, so set up a small tree with only a few ornaments and let them have their way with it. Then snap the photo!


This next photo-op takes two people. If you have two pets that get along(preferably), set them side-by-side or facing each other and touch one of their noses. The other pet will instinctively lick or smell the nose that was touched. Quick! Grab the photo! Also you can fake an unwrapping scene. Just scatter ripped-up wrapping paper, a box, and tissue paper, place a bow on your pet's head, along with ribbon LOOSELY draping them, and snap away. Finally, if you catch Rover sleeping in front of the fireplace with stockings decorating the mantle, you've got easy shot. Good luck, and don't forget to help Santa out with a chew toy  in your baby's stocking.