There will be a rare chance to view a Blue Moon this Friday, August 31st.

I know you've heard the phrase 'Once in a Blue Moon'.

Well, now you get to see that rare occurrence that everyone talks so sarcastically about!

This Friday, August 31st, we will see a Blue Moon in our skies, but unfortunately it's not actually going to be the color Blue.

Blue Moons are just regular full-moons, but are given a different name to mark their occurrence. They are the 2nd full-moon to occur in a single calendar month, but just because they're not actually blue, though, doesn't make them any less impressive!

Even more rare than one month in a year with two full-moons is TWO months in one year with two full-moons. The last time that happened was in 1999 when there were Blue Moons in January and March because February was a short month.

Don't miss your chance to see the Blue Moon this Friday because there won't be another until July of 2015!

Mother Nature Network says that Blue Moons, or a second full-moon in one month happens because our calendar months are not perfectly synched with lunar months.