This Christmas season, it's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of gift giving and receiving. Sometimes it never occurs to people that while we're all enjoying the tidings, some folks are struggling to make ends meet on the essentials. The generous members of Select-Staff, though, remembered this and are giving cash away.

So on Friday, I was just sitting in my office when I was approached by a co-worker who said a woman had sat down with him and asked if they could put a giveaway deal together to help out a few families in need this season.

Here's what's going to warm your heart.

I spoke with Sherri, who had talked with my co-worker, and she let me know how she found me.

Every year, Select-Staff is allotted funds to throw a company Christmas party. When mulling over what to do this year, they decided not to have one at all. Instead, they asked around until they found us up here at the station to help them give their money away to two families in need.

How cool is that? Says a lot about the people in a company who willingly give their money away.

Would you like to nominate a family that you know is in need? Then click the button below.