Ryan Beaver is the type of musician that everyone is striving to become. He's been getting great attention as a singer/songwriter around Texas, Oklahoma and out east in Nashville. His songwriting continues to prove that Nashville recording artists and labels in fact do pay attention to what is going on in Texas.

We at 99.5 The Bear were lucky enough to have Ryan stop by the studio this morning and talk with us about what he's been up to. From splitting time in Texas and Nashville to touring the Lone Star state and elsewhere to promote his music. He was even gracious enough to play us a song that's exclusive to 99.5 The Bear.

Beaver sat down with Kidd Manning and played a song so new, he hasn't recorded it yet. He even mentioned that he doesn't know if it will make it on the next record because he writes new music daily.

The song, "You're On Fire," was catchy and should make the cut for his next album. We don't know the time table on it, but if this track makes the cut then we're buying it. Enjoy Ryan Beaver performing "You're On Fire."

Also, take the time to find out more about Ryan Beaver online.

Ryan Beaver - You're On Fire