One of the things that we fail to appreciate the most in the business of radio is the amount of folks you meet on a daily basis, and especially the new music that just falls into your lap. It's impossible to listen to all the music that comes across my desk daily. When a bunch of guys who travel all the way across Texas to hand you the fruits of their labor, you have to pay a little better attention, because they usually mean business. Imagine starting in Sherman, Texas and driving all the way to San Angelo, over to Abilene, back to Midland Odessa, up to Lubbock, even further up to Amarillo and Borger just to hand your new CD to a program director who may or may not see you, even if they've made an appointment... It's a tough row to how being a start-up or "baby band" in the Red Dirt business. Today, Dustin Perkins dropped by and left his new single "Luckiest Man Alive." Give the guys a listen, they just drove all the way from Sherman for you to hear it.