Jerry Lewis is known as a comedian and for his work with MDA. Dean Martin was known as a singer, and a member of the "rat pack". But at one time they were a team. In fact on this day back in 1946, they performed together for the first time at the 500 Club in Atlantic City.


They would appear on television and in movies together. They shocked the entertainment world when they broke up the act exactly ten years later in 1956.

Jerry Lewis would go on to a success movie career and become the National Chairman for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and host the telethon which he has done for 45 year. This year's telethon will be his last.

Dean Martin would go on to appear in movies record hit records and have his own variety show on t.v. Dean passed away in 1995.

During that ten year span no one was as popular as Martin and Lewis.