The Band Perry has been like 'cream' this last year. They've risen to the top, sweeping new artist, single and song of the year at the CMA's for 2011. Their song "If I Die Young" introduced the new group to a whole legion of followers, considering the success of two hits that followed, "You Lie" and "All Your Life". And they're now touring with Brad Paisley and when you see them live, you may get a taste of something wonderfully different.


Kimberly Perry says they like to play Katy Perry songs and Queen's "Fat Bottom Girls" is one of their favorites and throw in a little bluegrass sounds. The brother-sister act play the bluegrass for their mom, Marie, her favorite music; and the rock and roll is for Dad Steve.
Kimberly tells this site she's absolutely in love with Queen. "Freddie Mercury is, hands down, my favorite entertainer of all time. And so, I try to live a little vicariously through the song, you know?"

When Band Perry's in town, I've got a feeling we're in for a real treat. Here's their terrific cover of that great Queen song.