Here's Hemmi, the six-toed cat at the Easter Sunday dinner table giving thanks for the fact that he was rescued from the Lubbock Animal Shelter. If you followed Hemmi's story, he was only a few weeks old, sick with a cold and a day away from meeting his cat-maker that he was rescued and given a home where he was immediately taught how to fetch like a dog. Yes, Hemmi is probably the first six-toed cat in history to learn to fetch like a dog. Hemmi love's to fetch, especially the play-mice. Hemmi caught a scorpion once, but no live mice like he is supposed to. Being the non-violent cat he is, on Easter he settled for a plate of turkey and mac and cheese that he enjoyed sniffing immensely. If you didn't believe the fetching part, here's a video of Hemmi the six-toed kitten fetching his mice. Editors note: Hemmi has an online imposter posing as a six-toed cat that's the proof.
Here's the original Hemmi:

Here's the imposter: