With my house being right on the edge of the Lubbock Country Club there is are a lot of field mice that compete for food and water hence we have a couple of (pretty much worthless) felines who spend their days lounging on the cow dog's bed in between their feeding schedule every 30 minutes or so. That may sound a little outrageous, but pretty much right on. I have fired them on several occasions and told them to pack their little bags and hit the road, but because of the fact that both have had their claws clipped from their front feet, they wouldn't make it past the night outside...so we allow them to stick around. Who knows, maybe one of these days one of them "might" actually do their job and track down a pesky mouse who loves our pantry. I suppose there are other things that they could do that might be productive, like answer the phone. Check out this video of the cat who likes to answer the phone when it rings....also, you see the picture... it's our worthless cats spying on our pantry that the pesky mice love so much..Don't they "look" like they are about to catch something?